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Directed by Siri Linn Brandsøy and Lasse Huldt Pedersen 

Co-production together with Inge Wegge, Lofoten Film Collective & Altibox

Lasse, Siri Linn and Suneeta spend their summers as shepherds with cameras. In this atypical and poetic nature documentary, they weave together changing land- and soundscapes, from coastal waters and grazing wild sheep in the west to deep forests and howling wolves in the east. Through intimate moments and exchanged glances shared with different types of animals living by the shore and forest edges, we are drawn into a sensuous and more-than-human world where there is a language without words that seeps out of the terrain.

Currently streaming on Altibox godt norsk as part of the series På Kanten.

Directing, photography and editing

Siri Linn Brandsøy and Lasse Huldt Pedersen



Suneeta Rani Gill, Siri Linn Brandsøy, Lasse Huldt Pedersen and others



Hans-Arne Pedersen


Sound design

Kim-Erling Methi Johansen


Executive producer

Inge Wegge, Lofoten Film Collective



Svein Aronsen, Terje Dale and Tore Tomter, Altibox

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