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We are storytellers who care deeply about nature and want to bring you close to what matters. 

Let nature inspire you and take good care of her.

Lasse Huldt Pedersen is a nature and wildlife filmmaker and photographer at Farfars. Living in Florø on the west coast of Norway, but originally from the boreal forest outside of Elverum in the east of Norway, Lasse spends much of his time outdoors getting close to wildlife from dusk to dawn and under moonlight.

He’s been into nature and wildlife for as long as he can remember and used to spend his childhood in tree trunks and cottongrass, where he would sit quietly and observe the animals and birds for hours. But it wasn't until he reached adulthood that he started bringing a camera with him and trying to capture some of these moments. 

To Lasse, going out there and observing flora and fauna is a way of unwinding. By focusing on being present and observing the life of other organisms, he is able to relax and replenish his energy. Through his pictures, we hope to share a bit of this tranquility and appreciation of nature with you. 

© Lasse Huldt Pedersen. Artwork may not be reproduced or sold without the permission of the artist.

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